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Fertilizer and Pesticide preparation using Cow dung - Organic farming

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For 1 acre farm:
Present: 3-4 bags DAP(@Rs. 950 per bag) + 3-4 katte Urea (@Rs. 270 per bag) should be replaced by Organic Options

5 Kg cow dung+ 5 Kg urine + 2 Kg Masar/chane/arhar atta + 2 Kg gur + water. keep it for 48 hours then use as pesticide.

5 Kg Neem Leaves or Bhaang or anaar or amrood Leaves + 750 gm or 500 g lasan + 5 Kg cow urine + 3 Kg Green chilli with seeds + 120 litres water
Boil. do ubaal

Spray Every 10-15 days
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